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The following products are biostimulants. Pests are naturally prevented and fought thanks to natural products that enhaces plant stimulation to generate their own defences.


FertiExport + Baang

10 % N w/w

5 % P2O5 w/w

FertiExport + Baang prevents and corrects nutritional disorders related to phosphorus deficiencies and provides the necessary nitrogen for crops. It favors vegetative growth and the correct formation of the root system. Due to its formulation, it favours penetration, and when applied to the leaves and other aerial parts of the plant, besides to the nutritional effect, it cleans black fungus powder that partly covers the leaves forming a film or crust, giving the impression that they are dirty and too it drags sugary secretions on the leaves produced by insects (red spider, aphid, whitefly, etc.), and other substances deposited on the leaves that hinder the photosynthesis of the plant.

FertiExport + Rhyz NPK

30 % Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) w/v

Bacillus pseudomycoides

Bacillus megaterium

Bacillus tequillensis

FertiExport + Rhyz NPK is a natural probiotic biofertilizer designed to stimulate the regeneration of the soil and its vitalization NPK.

FertiExport + Rhyz NPK is a product formulated with seaweeds extract Ascophyllum nodosum.thatcontains biological inoculants based on concentrated strains of rhizobacteria that promote plant growth (RPCP) and root development. It is especially indicated to improve the adaptation of the crop after transplantation and at times of maximum crop needs, as well as to help the biological regeneration of soils. 

Bacillus pseudomycoides fixes atmospheric nitrogen, Bacillus megaterium solubilizes soil phosphorus and Bacillus tequillensis makes blocked potassium available to the plant

FertiExport + Self NPK

30% Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) w/v

Bacillus pseudomycoides

FertiExport + Self NPK is a a natural probiotic biofertilizer formulated with nitrogen-fixing rhizobacterias and seaweeds extract Ascophyllum nodosum. FertiExport + Self NPK fixes atmospheric nitrogen and stimulates the production of phytohormones in a natural way. This product can increase crop production, with fewer inputs. It avoids aquifers contamination by nitrates and the application of substances that increase the salinity of the soil. FertiExport + Self NPK is designed to stimulate the regeneration of the soil and its vitalization. It makes nitrogen available to the plant and enhances the soil microbiota, making it useful for the crop.

Bacillus pseudomycoides fixes atmospheric nitrogen.

FertiExport + Dragon

20% SO3 w/w

FertiExport + Dragon  is a  product formulated with sulfur of organic origin. It has a systemic effect to correct deficiencies and induce natural plan defences, improving the action of other conventional sulfur products that treat oidium and other mites.

FertiExport + UFO

0.5 % Zn w/w

1.5 % Mn w/w

Legume plant extracts (vetch, ervil and lentil) is optimal to be combined.

FertiExport + UFO is a product formulated with manganese and zinc, with a synergistic effect when applied with legume plant extracts.This product corrects and/or prevents manganese and zinc deficiencies in any crop  maintaining a correct metabolic and enzyme synthesis which induce natural defense mechanisms of the plant against insect attacks (aphid), such as the lignification of the tissues and the synthesis of polyphynels (bitter for insects).

FertiExport + Crack

Hydrogen carbonate (basic substance as natural funcide)

12% K2O  w/w   

FertiExport + Crack is a product based on solubilized hydrogen carbonate to avoid fungi attacks thanks to the humidity reduction of the plant surface. Thanks to this drying effect, prevents the development of pathogenic fungi. In addition, it generates a mechanical barrier that prevents the penetration of fungal hyphae.This product it is very useful in the control of pathogenic fungi, especially Botrytis and, mildew and powdery mildew. It is not dangerous for people or the environment (organic fungicide and zero residue).

FertiExport + Snuggle

2 % Cu w/w

4 % CaO w/w

Mimosa tenuiflora is optimal to be combined. 

FertiExport + Snuggle is a product, formulated with copper, calcium, Special Selected Organic Acids and it has a synergistic effect with plant extracts of Mimosa tenuiflora.

This product has a synergistic effect with plant extracts of Mimosa tenuiflora that strengthens cell walls (by calcium pectates synthesis), stimulates and enhances biosynthesis of natural self-defense precursors (by  polyphenols and lignin synthesis).

Preventice applications can reduce the loss of harvest that could be caused by the attack of pathogens like Fusarium, Lycopersici, Sclerotinia, Pseudomonas sp., Xanthomonas sp., Botrytis, mildew and powdery mildew, etc.

FertiExport + Micell

Lecithin (basic substance as natural funcide).

Lecithin is a complex mixture of phospholipids, choline, inositol, and a little proportion of vitamins B and E.

FertiExport + Micell is based on specifically selected and tested lecithins that guarantee its effectiveness. This product controls fungi diseases, and efficiently controls adult spiders and other mites populations to achieve a healthy crop with high yields.

It is not dangerous for people or the environment (organic fungicide and zero residue).

FertiExport + Sporum

Salix spp. cortex (basic substance as natural funcide)

1.8 % Cu w/w

FertiExport + Sporum is a product, formulated with Salix cortex that stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of plants with an eliciting action. Phytoalexins synthesis prevents the development of many fungal and bacterial diseases (Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, Phytophthora, Botrytis Cinerea etc. special for powdery mildew, mildew).

It is not dangerous for people or the environment (organic fungicide and zero residue).

FertiExport + Bye

26.41 % Concentrated vegetable extract w/w

2% Zn w/w

FertiExport + Bye is a product formulated with concentrated vegetable extracts. Its plant nature ensures a HIGH EFFICIENCY without causing adverse effects to the crops.This product prevents the attack of birds using mechanisms that are 100% NATURAL, which consists of simulating the odors given off by birds of prey.

It keeps the birds from feeding from the crops or the fruits without causing any side effects. It acts as a natural repellent that is HARMLESS to the birds.

It is applied to the ground and does not stain the fruit.

FertiExport + Nemout

Concentrate of various strains of microorganisms (PGPR Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria): Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus siamensis, Pseudomonas fluorescens.

6% Free amino acids w/w

2.2% N w/w

FertiExport + Nemout is a natural product, stimulator of the biological fight against nematodes favoring the biological balance of the soil, favoring the growth of beneficial microorganisms (microbiota) that compete with harmful organisms. It stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of plants specially against nematodes.

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