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We have a wide range of products with all the necesary to cover every kind of crop's necessities (horticultural crops, pome and stone fruits crops, olivar groves, vineyrads, tropical crops...).

Our hightech fertilizers are formulated on the basis of plant's organic acids in order to facilitate that the plant absorbs and translocates the nutrients easily.

In our Technical and Chemist Department, we are at your service to find joint solutions for concrete problems (performance increase, fruit quality, post-harvest life...) so that our customers get the highest level of satisfaction, and that way we can provide a personal and individual attention. 


Our especialities are fertilizers formulated on the basis of plant's organic acids, that give solutions to concrete problems such as salinity, fruit setting and splitting, fruit filling, rooting ...


Our range of ICYSA deficiency correctors is characterized by its plant's organic acids, content which complexes the cations helping the plant to absorb and translocate them better, both in its leaf and root use.


Our aminoacids are specially formulated and indicated for leaf use, providing a better plant development and its rapid recovery in adverse situations (hydric stress, frosts, high productions, fungal attacks, rooting, planting...)


Our range of quelats is optimal for its use in fertirrigation (especially the drip irrigation system), thanks to its high solubility and its easy absorption by the plant. 


We have a wide range of products to help the natural stimulation of plants. Thanks to Carbotecnia innovation we have introduced a range of natural stimulants following the latest market trends to help promote the natural self-defense of plants without generating waste.

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