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We have a wide range of products, with everything necessary to cover the needs of all types of crops: horticultural, pip fruits, bone fruits, citrus, olives, vineyard, tropical crops, ...

Our high-quality fertilizers are formulated with specially selected organic acids to favor the easy assimilation and translocation of nutrients by the plant.

In our Technical-Chemical Department, we are at your service to find solutions to specific problems (yield increase, fruit quality, post-harvest life, ...), so that our customers obtain the highest level of satisfaction, thanks to personal and individualized attention.


FertiPlant Specialties are fertilizers are formulated with specially selected organic acids, which solve specific problems such as salinity (FertiPlant Salt Out), fruit setting and cracking (FertiPlant Ca), fruit filling (FertiPlant Upper K), rooting (FertiPlant Multicell), etc.


The range of products to correct deficiencies is characterized by its high content of specially selected organic acids, which complex the cations helping their easy assimilation and better translocation within the plant, both in its foliar use and via soil.


The amino acids are specially formulated and indicated for foliar use, favoring the vegetative development of the plant and its rapid recovery before adverse situations (water stress, frost, high production, fungal attacks, rooting, sowing, ...).


An optimum chelate range for its use in fertigation (especially drip irrigation), thanks to its high solubility and easy absorption.

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