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The key products to apply at fruit formation and pre-harvest stages.

Carbotecnia has a wide product range, the most appropriate at the citrus fruit formation stage are:

Goal: Filling, fattening and quality of the fruit.

Via leaves:

Brioascent o CBT Tecnocalcio + CBT Carbopotasi K + Carbotecnia Mn-Zn + Carbotecnia Wall

Via soil:

CBT Carbopotasi K Soil or CBT Carbopotasi P-K + Turbocalcio Plus + Carbosoil + Carbotecnia Mn-Zn

The application of these products for foliar or root application achieve the following functions:

  • There is an improvement of the essential nutrition at these stages: K, Ca, Mn, Zn, Cu, etc.b
  • Filling, fattening, and organoleptic qualities of the fruits improve.
  • Harvest is homogenized, and the number of fruits per plant is increased. 
  • Roots, vascular system, and fruits became more resistant to diseases and pests. 
  • The crop is healthier.


Objetivo: Soil conditions improvement

Turbocalcio Plus + Carbosoil + Carbo-Organ (alternation between Carbosoil and Carbo-Organ)

The application of these products achieve the following functions:

  • Nutrients retained in the soil exchange complex are mobilized. 
  • The absorption of nutrients from the soil is boosted. 
  • Soil desalination improves soil quality and avoids plant stress.
  • Soil structure is improved.

Find more info about the products: www.carbotecnia.com/fertilizers/products

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