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20 years of high quality fertilizers.

Empresa fabricante y distribuidora de fertilizantes 20 aniversario

Carbotecnia begun from scratch, we have been growing step by step so far, until reaching what the company is today, but always keeping in mind our essence, values and goals: to provide to our customer the best offer in agro-nutrients, by providing added value to their crops, based on quality, innovation and consulting leadership.

 Carbotecnia was born in 1999, with a three workers staff, after twenty years, we are proud to become a reference in special fertilizers manufacture, trading our products in more than 60 countries, and more than 50 people staff.

 Innovation, quality and a client tailored support, have been the foundation, over our the company has been built to.

 We look to the future with optimism and passion, our aim is to continuous been the company the farmers can trust to, taking care of our most valuable assets, our clients and our workers, that together make our family.

Fertilizantes fabricados en España

Factory relocation from Castellón to Manzanares

Fertilizantes fabricados con materias primas de calidad

Fertilizers formulated from quality raw materials.

Fertilizantes con plazos de entrega cortos

On time orders with short delivery times.

Etiquetadora de fertilizantes

Old labeling machine.

Interview with Rufino Campos, one of the founding partners of the company:

What made you found Carbotecnia?

Give innovative, ecological solutions with very reasonable prices.

We wanted to contribute to more natural and innovative agriculture, less aggressive for the environment. We had good ideas to do it, wanting to innovate in agriculture and in plant nutrition.

How did you have to adapt to the evolution of the company?

During these twenty years, we have run into new challenges that we have faced with constant training, looking for the most appropriate and trained people for each position, and making Carbotecnia a great family.

20 years ago, did you visualized the company as it is at this moment?

No, I didn't ¡hahahaha!

But what I can confirm is that we had a lot of enthusiasm, and I think this has got us here, is what gives us the strength to continue growing and innovating along with all the Carbotecnia staff.

What are your feelings about the changes in the agriculture sector during the last 20 years?

It has changed a lot. We have evolute from mostly traditional agriculture to highly professional agriculture. I could compare the evolution with that of other sectors such as telecommunications. The key to this conversion has been training and innovation.

Spain is a world leader in agriculture and water use. I think we are in one of the pillars of this agriculture. However, in all continents, there are new areas of high technology agriculture, which leads Carbotecnia to be in constant research and innovation to adapt to the conditions of each crop, each region, and each farm.

What would you recommend to other entrepreneurs who will invest in the agricultural sector in the future?

My advice would be that they must do it professionally, they must be persevering and constant; and the most important, they must not skimp on investing in research, development, and innovation.

Interview with Antonio García, responsible for the factory and warehouse. He is the most veteran worker of Carbotecnia:

How many years have you been working in Carbotecnia?

I started working in Carbotecnia 17 years ago. I had been working in agriculture for a long time, and this was a challenge for me because it was completely different from what I had done before. But I'm happy with the change.

What was Carbotecnia like when you started?

¡Pufff! It was a building of 400 square meters. There was no machinery, except an old forklift, and everything was hand made.

Comparing the Carbotecnia of that time to what is now, that one was nothing!

How have you experienced the evolution of the company?

Very well, with the desire to keep on growing, and continue my training to improve my work.

Wich important times do you remember during all these years?

I remember the move from Castellón to Manzanares, and now, with the expansion of the new factory and the new warehouses, I have a similar feeling. We will get it, and it will be another huge step.

I am happy to see that everyone's work is rewarded, and having the feeling that the company is in evolution. It is very satisfactory working in a place that grows year by year and in which there is an interest to improve.

What do you like the most about Carbotecnia?

The invests in the company to improve year by year: machinery, staff, etc. almost every year there is something new.

And about your work?

I like what I do! Every day I arrive home satisfied with my work.

Evolution of the labels of Carbotecnia's fertilizers.

Antigua etiqueta de Carbosoil Plus fertilizantes
Etiqueta anigua de los fertilizantes Carbotecnia
Etiqueta actual de los fertilizantes Carbotecnia

The future is coming!

We continue our way to the future. The next projects are not only aimed to improve sales and quality, but also productivity and welfare of the people who make up the company.

The immediate projects are the launch of new products tested to ensure the same quality that has made us reach these 20 years.

Additionally, in the coming months, the new factory will be inaugurated and will have the ability to triple the production.

The distribution network of our products will continue its expansion, reaching more and more countries, types of crops and farms.

The family will keep growing, expanding the hiring of employees and enhancing the performance of the people who are already part of the team.

Carbotecnia's investment in R&D is increasing, and this projection will continue during the next years.

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