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The effectiveness of our fertilizers is carefully checked for taking care of your plants from root to fruit.

Turbocalcio Plus.
The best useful calcium for the plant.

Calcium in powder for root application, nitrates, sulphates, carbonates  and chlorides free. 40.5% p/p CaO. Full soluble.

Carbotecnia pH Optima Ind

Carbotecnia pH Optima Ind is a pH regulator suitable for mixtures with agrochemicals. It contains an chemical indicator that turns the color when the optimal pH is achieved. It helps and enhances the agrochemicals systemic and translaminar movement properties.

Carbotecnia Non Spum

Anti-foam product for agrochemical mixtures, suitable for all crops.


Some trials

Salinity control - Carbosoil

Salinity control by applying special correctors in saline substrates.

Authors: Dep. Ingeniería Química de la Universidad de Castilla la Mancha (UCLM), Dep. Técnico de Carbotecnia

This report highlights, how Carboxylic acids perform helping the leached of salt excess in soils, and as a consequence, liberating the plant, of saline stress. It is carried out as a continuation of the study developed by Puertas Tijeras, M. (P), Fernández Rodríguez E.J., Camacho Ferre F., Fernández C. INVESTIGATION GROUP AGR-200 ALMERIA UNIVERSITY.

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Cítricos: limón, mandarina, naranja, lima, pomelo

Efficacy trial of zinc and manganese correctors in citrus

Author: Abellán de la Iglesia, Andrés. DAYE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, S. COOP.

The objective of the trial is to determinate the effects of two Zn and Mn correctors products tested at different doses, regardings the content of these elements in leaves.

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Apical necrosis in tomato (blossom end rot). Boron-calcium interactions and their relationship.

Authors: Puertas Tijeras, M. Technical Department of R&D of Carbotecnia

In the test, we analyze the pathophysiology known as blosson end rot.

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Effectiveness test of zinc and manganese correctors in table grapes

Authors: Abellán de la Iglesia, Andrés. DAYE DESARROLLO AGRÍCOLA, S. COOP.

The study shows the effects of two zinc-manganese corrective products of Carbotecnia, tested at different doses. The aim is to quantify the content of these leaf elements.

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Effectiveness test of different calcium correctors in table grapes.

Authors: Abellán de la Iglesia, Andrés. DAYE DESARROLLO AGRÍCOLA, S. COOP.

The objective of the trial is to know the effects of some calcium correcting products: CBT Tecnocalcio, CBT Tecnocalcio K and CBT Tecnocalcio Mg, tested at different doses, regarding the quality of the grapes: berry hardness and crunchiness.

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Carbotecnia brand is innovation in agriculture. The intrinsic quality of our fertilizers, the guarantee and the safety in the production processes is our customers satisfaction.

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