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Research and Development in fertilizers

The effectiveness of our fertilizers is carefully checked for taking care of your plants from root to fruit.

How to solve cracking and fruit splitting

Plants imbalanced nutrition may cause physiopathies or makes the plant more vulnerable to the attacks of pathogens or external abiotic agents. Carbotecnia has high-quality nutritional solutions based on the use of Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids that suit your needs to prevent the appearance of many physiopathies:

Fruit splitting and cracking

Factors that trigger cracking in Solanaceae:

  • Imbalanced irrigation.
  • High temperature and illumination.
  • Huge day and night temperature gap.
  • High vapor pressure gradient, between leaves and the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Poor cellular wall formation, because of a bad deposition of its constituent elements, such as Ca, B and K.

How to solve cracking

The main elements responsible for the cell wall integrity are calcium, boron, and potassium. Carbotecnia range of products includes a number of products, containing these elements in association with Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic acids, such join, becomes the best way for carrying and depositing these wall constitute elements.

The most remarkable products to treat cracking in fruits are: Brioascent, CBT Tecnocalcio, Turbocalcio Plus, Radiflore, Fitokappa, CBT Carbopotasi P-K, Carbosoil K.

Cracking tomate falta de calcio

Quality and yield assessment industrial tomato for processing, treated with Carbosoil and Brioascent.

Carbotecnia treatments improved fruit quality (Brix and Baume degrees), firmness and yield.

BRIOASCENT increased the hardness of the skin by 50% compared to the untreated control.
CARBOSOIL + BRIOASCENT (root and leaves application) increased production by 32%, obtaining almost 1 kg more tomatoes per plant.

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