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Treatment for Bitter Pit

Plants unbalanced nutrition may cause physiopathies or makes the plant more vulnerable to the attacks of pathogens or external abiotic agents. Carbotecnia has high-quality nutritional solutions based on the use of Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids that suit your needs to prevent the appearance of many physiopathies:

Bitter pit

In many pome fruits, especially in apples, low calcium levels can cause small rounded soft brown spots that are usually located under the epidermis. These spots are the product of cell death that cause suberization and browning. These spots reduce the quality and marketability of the fruit.

It is a physiological disorder caused by low amount of calcium in the cells of the fruit. It affects the permeability of the cell membrane, causing damage and death. To avoid this damage in fruit trees it is necessary to maintain adequate and balanced levels of calcium, nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.

How to solve Bitter Pit

The relationship between the amounts of Ca, N, K and Mg determines the quality parameters that will prevent the appearance of this physiopathy. The application of Turbocalcio Plus (via soil) and CBT Tecnocalcio / CBT Tecnocalcio Mg (via leaves) manages to regulate these proportions.

Test "Parameters of conservation of Golden apple by applying calcium through Carbotecnia products".

The use of Turbocalcio Plus and Tecnocalcio, improved all the ratios related with Ca, K and Mg, that are responsible for increasing the fruit post-harvest life, compared to the non-treated standard.

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