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LMW Fertilizers Benefits

The core of the Carbotecnia range of products is Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids (L.M.W.)

Yield increasing, marketable organ quality and environmental friendliness, are the immediate effects after using these organic molecules.

Absortion of fertilizers with L.M.W. Carboxylic Acids

This kind of organic acids, are very little or no ionized, so they do not manifest ionic charge and can easily penetrate or be absorbed by the plant without difficulty.

 Once inside the cells, with more alkaline pH and hydroxide ions (OH-), they deprotonate releasing positive charges (H +) that neutralize the negatives. Them, they allow the entry of the fertilizing anions by reducing the electrochemical rejection or shielding of the cytoplasm of the cell against the negatively charged molecules.

The deprotonation of the carboxylic acid will continue until its total decomposition thanks to the decarboxylation degradation phenomena that occurs naturally in the cytoplasm.

This natural degradation process favors cation exchange with the nutrient solution and the absorption of positively charged nutrients.

L.M.W. Carboxylic Acids significantly increase the nutrients absorbed and the osmotic pressure of the plant, increasing water flow and transportation of nutrients and photo-assimilates to the plant organs where they are needed.

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