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LMW Fertilizers Benefits

The core of the Carbotecnia range of products is Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids (L.M.W.)

Yield increasing, marketable organ quality and environmental friendliness, are the immediate effects after using these organic molecules.

Fertilizers uptake

The absorption by the plant of the different fertilizer compounds is directly related to its electric charge:

  • The absence of charges favors absorption.
  • Positive charges (cations) must be exchanged for protons (H+) supplied by the root to the soil solution.
  • The presence of negative charges (anions) makes absorption more difficult due to the the cytoplasm electrochemical reject. This fluid, found in the inside of the plant cells, has alkaline pH, which means it has a high concentration of negative charges in form of hydroxide ions (OH-). Therefore, the plant’s absorption of anions faces a slowdown and a decrease.

Chemical forms, which are few ionized or non-ionized, are the ideal forms to penetrate the cytoplasm of the cell since they will undergo less reject to the charges (OH-) therein.

The acid pH of the nutritive solution is beneficial to the nutrients uptake; especially to the ones that can be found in anionic form (-).

The liquid medium acidity causes a reduction of the ionization phenomenon of the anions, making them much more easier to assimilate for the plants.

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