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Care in a renewal image of the company

Care in a renewal image of the company

In Carbotecnia we take care of your plants from roots to fruits, and we also want to take care of our corporate image. That´s why from March our containers will have new labels and caps. The change comes along with the opening of the new website, the expansion of the factory and other events achieved by the evolution of the company.

The expansion of the factory will allow us to incorporate a modern packaging line with more capacity. In synergy with the extension, different labels will be included, with a more modern, visual, identifiable and comfortable design for its use.

The new labels will have different sizes for each container. Each size will have four label colors, as it has been up to now. The containers with blue labels keep leaves application products, the green ones keep deficiency correctors, the yellow ones keep products applied via the soil and the red ones keep complements such as the pH regulators and natural animal deterrents.

Carbotecnia nutritional solutions range will be placed in the market with its new labels in March. Same great quality as always, with renewed image.

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