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Carbotecnia, one of the companies belonging to the European Commission FP7 “NATUCROP” project for high yield improvement in the crops.

The European Commission launched on the 6 November 2012 a project run by the FP7 called “NATURCROP”. The said project has reunited several company leaders of the fertilizer and phyto-strengthener sector with research centers that are pioneers in these work areas, all of which are EU members, in order to develop an important R&D&I project for a 2-year period.

 The global food demand is expected to increase a 50% in 2030 and it will double in 2015 due to the population growth and its highest concentration in urban centers.

 Nevertheless, the land’s non-food use is growing, many synthetic pesticides are being withdrawn from the markets for security reasons and climatology is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The resurgence of the biotic (plagues, plant diseases, etc.) and the abiotic stress (climate, drought, salinity) is imminent. For that matter it is necessary to focus on a new approach in plant stimulation and protection, which will require efficiency and environmental protection. 

 “NATUCROP”, will develop a line of bio-stimulant products of 3rd generation that consist of an optimal biomolecules mixture whose formulation will provide protection against stress in the crops. This protection will allow the producers to maintain and increase the crop yields and to protect the environment even in unfavorable conditions.  

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