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The expansion works start to triple production.

The expansion works start to triple production

Carbotecnia expands all over the world. The good results of the trials carried out in the different crops increase the orders, and these the need to increase the production.

The current factory has become small. The growth of the company requires an expansion. The growth of the company necessitates an expansion of the plant in Manzanares (Ciudad Real), and the works have finally begun. The new factory will have the capacity to triple production. Its surface will occupy 8.500m2, of which 400m2 will form part of the laboratory and 700m2 will be destined to packaging and bottling. Work has begun in July and it is expected to start operating during the first quarter of next year.

In recent years Carbotecnia has been pushed to expand its staff, first its office in Madrid and now, after several months of negotiating the project, its factory. This means that the company will be at full capacity to triple its production in the coming months.
After its inauguration, Carbotecnia will be able to improve its service, furnishing with excellent products and technical support to the thousands of customers of the more than 60 countries in which it works. Thus, Carbotecnia will continue to deliver growth as a leader in the design, formulation, manufacture and commercialization of special fertilizers based on the use of low molecular weight carboxylic acids.


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