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UCLM agreement renewal as Sustertech4CH


The University of Castilla la Mancha (UCLM) and Carbotecnia have worked together on several projects for more than 10 years. In 2017, this faithful tradition continues, initiating a new biannual project of "Electrochemical remediation of soil and water polluted by organochlorines generated in industrial activities" in the State Program of research, development and innovation, oriented to the challenges of society. Sustertech4CH.


Sustertech4CH is in a way the continuation of the ELECTROTECH4PEST project "Electrochemical technology for the removal of pesticides in water and soil", and guarantees the continuance of the research started three years ago between Carbotecnia and this research group.

During the development of Sustertech4CH a novel-senior and new research team attached to the TEQUIMA Group's Electrochemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratories and to the ETSICCP Geo-Environmental Engineering Group is involved. In addition to this excellent team, the project will have a greater economic provision from the local institution of Castilla la Mancha and one of the largest endowment nationwide.

Also will be used singular buildings, equipment and tool existing in the UCLM and scientific equipment of very high level.

Carbotecnia, in its desire to invest and collaborate in research and development projects, will participate in the project as an Observer Promoter Entity (EPO), and undertakes to support the implementation of this project by collaborating in the follow-up, partial evaluation and results achieved in the project, and facilitating the transfer of results to the productive sector.

The nice relationship between both parties and the understanding after all these years of teamwork, make the transfer of information flows in both directions and efficiently, and therefore Carbotecnia a consultative company, source of information and quality support for the team research.

Sustertech4CH will continue the line of ELECTROTECH4PEST, in collaboration with the Latin American Universities of Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Norte and Autónoma del Estado de México, the European ones of East Paris, Barcelona, Palermo and Lasi, Asian Qatar and Mersin and African of Gabes. This project will have researchers among the most referenced nationally and globally in chemical and environmental technologies. For Carbotecnia, this international support means openness to knowledge in countries where it has a strong distribution network.

Increasingly involved and committed to research and development, Carbotecnia works to provide the best results and ensure the best quality from the beginning of production to the final consumer.

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