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"Zero nonconformities" obtained in the recent certification audit Royal Ordinance RD 506/2013.

During two July days, the whole company was audited by Bureau Veritas,

That concluded and certified  that Carbotecnia complies with the RD 506/2013 requirements for been a Spanish Fertilizer Manufacturer.

Manufacturing and marketing fertilizers in Spain implies the compliance of a strict regulation, that guarantees quality and safety standards for consumers, crops and the environment.

Carbotecnia’s technical and quality department has exceeded the strict requirements imposed by the certifier Bureau Veritas, verifying that all the conditions imposed in RD 506/2013 are fulfilled, with a mark of zero non conformities. The decree is constituted for the following purposes:

• Regulate aspects of European Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament on EC fertilizers which may be freely marketed within European territory.
• Define and classify fertilizer products, different than ´EC fertilizers´, which can be used in Spanish agriculture, such as organic fertilizers, amino acids, algae, fertilizers with silicon, etc.
• Ensure the nutritional riches and other characteristics of the fertilizer products to meet the requirements of this Royal Decree. It proves that Carbotecnia has the physical means (technical laboratory, development of analytical methods, traceability, etc.) and human resources (highly qualified personnel), to guarantee the riches that declared on labels.
• Prevent risks to health and the environment by certifying the raw materials used and approved suppliers, in compliance with European regulations REACH, ADR, CLP, etc.
• Regulate the Register of organic fertilizer products for your MAPASA registration.

Work is in progress; Carbotecnia continues growing in a sustainable way, adapting the new designs of formulations and processes to the current regulations and customer satisfaction. We have achieved outstanding quality and can offer the best service, certified by Bureau Veritas, to thousands of customers from more than 60 countries that buy nutritional solutions to take care of plants from the root to fruits.

´Zero nonconformities´ obtained in the recent certification audit Royal Ordinance RD 506/2013

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