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Manure and fertilizer quality seals for organic farming

“The improvement of the quality of the services and the normative compliance is the basis of the development of our work towards the partners. But it is not enough just to say it, we must also prove it"

Collaborations with prestigious research centers.

From the beginning, we have been aware of the importance to the company that the implementation and management of research, development, quality and continuous improvement procedures do have, accordingly, we have approached cooperation plans with different universities and research centers.

A number of studies and trials have been carried with our products, not only with the new formulations but with the already marketed, to check out their effectiveness and to keep us up to date.

Test fields have been spread worldwide, supported by technical assistance in different areas, with different climates, and different crops. We carry out objective and impartial tests of our products and we are part of the different associations that attends to the professionalism of the sector.

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