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Manure and fertilizer quality seals for organic farming

“The improvement of the quality of the services and the normative compliance is the basis of the development of our work towards the partners. But it is not enough just to say it, we must also prove it"

Fertilizers for organic farming

Besides the products for conventional agriculture with zero residues, Carbotecnia has a range of nutritional solutions for organic farming, certified by a prestigious pioneering Certification Authority in Europe in standards for organic agriculture, Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH.

Each product is yearly evaluated, and Kiwa BCS corroborates its compatibility with the most strict standards in organic production and post-harvest treatment, finally certifying that fulfill with requirements of the regulations: (CE) nº889/2008.Anexo I (European Union), USDA/NOP-Rules (EEUU) y JAS Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Agricultural Products (Japan).

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