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Manure and fertilizer quality seals for organic farming

“The improvement of the quality of the services and the normative compliance is the basis of the development of our work towards the partners. But it is not enough just to say it, we must also prove it"

Quality policy

CARBOTECNIA S.L. has determined its scope: design, manufacture and commercialization of special agro-nutrients, considering internal and external issues, the requirements of the interested parties and the products of the organization.

CARBOTECNIA's Quality Policy is elaborated to achieve the best and highest quality of our services, in order to reach the highest possible customer satisfaction, all in accordance with certain requirements and basing our policy on the following pillars:

All our efforts and resources are directed towards a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our processes, providing our customers an optimal reaction capacity.

We guarantee CARBOTECNIA's quality as a clear difference compared to other companies in our activity.

The improvement of quality will condition the efficiency in the profitability of the company and optimize the Management System.

All the employees, at any level, are involved and have an active participation. With their effort and contribution, they enrich the improvement of the Carbotecnia's quality.

Commitment to our customer's requirements compliance and the legal requirements applicable to our services.

We provide our employees with continuous and effective training, updating their knowledge for a better quality of CARBOTECNIA's services; and ensuring the worker-protection measures for the correct development of the process.

We develop innovation as the engine of the business growth through the design and development of special products within the agronomic market.

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