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Manure and fertilizer quality seals for organic farming

“The improvement of the quality of the services and the normative compliance is the basis of the development of our work towards the partners. But it is not enough just to say it, we must also prove it"

Safe products for the crop and for the final consumer.

All our formulations are completely safe; there is no risk for the crop, the final product or the consumer. For this reason, they are qualified as ´Zero Waste´.

Carboxylic acids are natural substances produced by the plants by themselves.

The complexed elements with low molecular weight carboxylic acids are more stable in the solution and in the soil, are more easily assimilated by the plant and are more biologically active than any other element complexed with any other agent. This is the reason of a higher nutrient harnessing, a higher yield, without residues, and with low doses of application. Guaranteeing the maximum environment respect.

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