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Use of low molecular weight carboxylic acids

The high-tech CARBOTECNIA fertilizers are designed to enhance plants’ activity by optimizing parameters such as production, external and internal fruit quality, aerial or root growth, adapting conditions of the harvest to unfavorable mediums. Been this, the main purpose of using Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids, short carbonate chains with one or more carboxylic groups (R-COOH), which bound the cation in a natural way introducing it, and guiding it through the plant to the sink, it goes to.

L.M.W. Carboxylic Acids produce:

  • SPECIFIC EFFECT, against soil salinity and alkalinity, especially in the root zone.
  • CONDITIONER EFFECT, increasing both, water and air permeability.
  • COMPLEXING EFFECT, promoting fast formation information of complexes with cations such as calcium, magnesium or iron, and favoring their absorption by mass flow.
  • TRANSPORTER EFFECT, improving the transport of cations, such as, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and so on. Better performing of the absorption of the useful salts by the root, raising the vascular osmotic pressure and therefore, increasing the water flow and transport of photoassimilates to the leaves.

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