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Research and Development in fertilizers

The effectiveness of our fertilizers is carefully checked for taking care of your plants from root to fruit.

Improvement of quality, production and post-harvest life.

Benefits of an optimal nutrient absorption, and a better assimilation by the plant:

  • Quality parameters of the marketable parts of the plant are optimized.
  • Higher accumulation of solids, so the weight of the fruit becomes heavier.
  • Increasing amount of viable flowers and fruits.
  • Marketable organs with a longer post-harvest life.

Trial "Evaluation of quality and yield improvements in a pistachio crop treated with Carbotecnia program"

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Test "Comparison of the calcium content in table grapes stalk"

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The Carbotecnia treatment improves the yield by hectare a 25%, the percentage of open pistachio is increased by 8%, and with a larger caliber.

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Pistachio production (kg/ha)

The application of TURBOCALCIO PLUS increases the amount of calcium that reaches both flowers and fruits.

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Calcium content in grapes

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