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Carbotecnia Quick Wet  std

Deficiency Correctors

Micronutrients liquid mixture

Aplicación foliar Ácidos carboxílicos
Por composición
Zinc: 0,5 % Zn (p/p) - Zinc soluble en agua.
Manganeso: 1,5 % Mn (p/p) - Manganeso soluble en agua.
CARBOTECNIA QUICK WET PLUS is a manganese and zinc deficiencies corrector fertilizer, which favours the rapid absorption of Mn, Zn and other products that are added together with them. It avoids evaporation with smaller and more uniform drop size, increasing the wetted surface and penetrating power.
It increases the molecular translocation quickly and efficiently, optimizing the quality and quantity of the harvest, avoiding damage derived from deficiencies such as chlorosis, ´foliocellosis´ (of special incidence in citrus) or small and poor quality fruits (tasteless and colourless).
Dosis general: To correct small deficiencies by improving
absorption: 50-100 cc/ha of treatment mixture.
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