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CBT Carbopotasi P-K std


Neutral pH potassium solution, enriched with phosphorous, for fruit ripening and fattening.

Aplicación foliar y radicular Ácidos carboxílicos
Por composición
Fósforo: 5 % P2O5 (p/p) - Fósforo.
Potasio: 20 % K2O (p/p) - Potasio soluble en agua.
Specially useful in ripening and fattening phases.
It improves the filling and the completion of the fruit, getting optimal organoleptic qualities.
It is not aggressive with plants because is formulated with organic acids, without carbonates, chlorides nitrates or sulfates.
It is an excellent complement for deep fertilization and for all kind of crops.
It is recommend during high potassium necessity phases, specially while fruit fattening phase.
Dosis general: Via leaf: 2-4 cc/l
Via root: 5-15 cc/ha.
3-4 applications during all the crop stages. It can be used in hydroponics.

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1 L

5 L

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20 L

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1000 L

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