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Novosoil Plus  std

Complexed calcium solution with seaweed extract, soil revitalisant for all crops.

Aplicación radicular
Por composición
Calcio: 8 % CaO (p/p) - Calcio soluble en agua.
Algas Ascophyllum nodosum: 27 % Algas (p/p) - Ascophyllum nodosum.
Complexed with Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids (L.M.W.)
0,1% Mannitol w/w.
Suitable for its use in all crops in organic farming.
Improves the structure of the soil and its decompactation.
Powerful soil desalinator and conditioner.
Root bio-activator.
Improves the water-soil-plant relationship.
It improves and helps fertilizers assimilation.
High content in natural growth promoters, vitamins, and amino acids.
Phyto-strengthener that favors vegetative development, fructification, and fruit fattening.
Dosis general: 5-20 l/ha per application depending on S.A.R. and E.S.P.
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