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We celebrate our 20th anniversary at Fruit Attraction, the most important trade show in the fruit and vegetable sector, with the best biostimulant and fertilizer catalog.

Expositores en Fruit Attraction

Once again, we exposed our wide range of agricultural products in FRUIT ATTRACTION 2019, the trade show celebrated on October 22-24 in Madrid and visited by 90,000 professionals from 130 countries. Dozens of visitors have visited our stand to celebrate the 20 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-tech nutritional and biostimulant solutions with Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids.

Fruit Attraction has been the best time to meet with distributors, customers, suppliers, and partners. We have celebrated that since 1999 the company has manufactured fertilizers, desalination plants and soil conditioners, nutritional products for organic farming, pH regulators, and a wide range of products to be used in all kind of crops.

This edition has had a festive atmosphere at the stand, with the most professionals technicians to offer the most qualified people in agriculture quality information and the best service in plant nutrition. Among all the meetings with customers, on Wednesday we had time to eat some sweets to celebrate Carbotecnia's birthday, a company with long experience, fresh ideas and human capital plenty of energy.

The entire Carbotecnia team wants to thank its customers for the trust placed, giving work and welfare to many people involved in the company. Thanks to the work of distributors, customers, and workers, currently Carbotecnia is applied in any crop in more than 60 countries, being able to offer technical advice for any management of agricultural systems.

During the coming months, we will launch a new line of fertilization solutions, tested in many fields and laboratories to ensure the same quality that has made us reach these 20 years, specializing in what we do best: take care of your plants from the root to fruits.

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