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2020 is the year of the very respectful agriculture for the environment. The sustainable agricultural model is the aim of the new '20s.

Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids are the basis of Carbotecnia fertilizers. They are natural substances synthesized by plants; they use them as complexing agents and make the fertilization of the cultivation systems have an optimum yield. For the next few years, we will need not only to optimize the use of fertilizers, but we will also need to use other substances like biostimulants; substances that increase the plant natural defenses; a very strong biological fight; and the application of more natural substances to replace the artificial-synthesis ones.

 R&D+I Department of Carbotecnia has been preparing new products that adapt to the new agriculture. During 2020, there will be another range of products, apart from the nutrients complexed with Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids of natural synthesis; there will be products with plant extracts, fertilizers based on microorganisms, algae extracts, amino acids, etc.

During the next months, new lines of fertilization solutions, that have been 100% tested, will be launched. Carbotecnia guarantees the same quality of the products that have traditionally been commercialized. Hoping that in the future, the decade the agriculture can be remembered as the "happy and natural '20s of the agriculture".

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