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Carbofol Lecifol

Natural substance to control fungi, red spider mites and other mites.

Suitable for organic farming

Aplicación foliar Ácidos carboxílicos Ecological agriculture
By composition
Lecithin in dispersion
Basic substance. Does not need registration.
Controls red spider mites and other mites populations.
Dispersion dissolved in water to facilitate application on crops.
Natural product, biodegradable, free of residues and does not require security periods.
Have no toxicity to humans, animals or plants.
It is respectful of beneficial auxiliary fauna.
It can be combined with ecological treatments based on foliar application microorganisms with bioprotective effect against fungi.
Contains basic substances approved in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1116/2015 without being considered plant protection products that need registration.
Suitable for organic farming.
General Dosage: Via leaves: 10 L/ 1,000 L
Application pH between 5.5 and 6.5


1 L

5 L

10 L

20 L

1000 L


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