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Fertilizers for extensive crops
Extensive crops

Powerful rooting for sprouting, transplanting and stress situations.

Aplicación foliar Ácidos carboxílicos
By composition
Phosphorus: 11 % P (w/w) - Phosphorus.
Potassium: 7 % K2O (w/w) - Water-soluble potassium.
Magnesium: 1 % MgO (w/w) - Water-soluble magnesium.
Manganese: 0,8 % Mn (w/w) - Water-soluble manganese.
With Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids (L.M.W.).
Especially recommended solution for extensive crops (cereal, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, legumes,...).
It favours faster nutrient uptake and radicular system development, stimulating the initial crop stages such as germination or rooting.
It provides greater resistance to the tissues, allowing the crop to adapt to unfavorable conditions (drought, hydric stress...).
General Dosage: 5 l/ha
Gramineae: 5 l/ha
From pre-sowing to tilllering. 1-2 applications.

Colza: 5 l/ha
From pre-sowing up to 4-6 leaves. 1-2 applications.

Corn: 5 l/ha
From pre-sowing to 2-4 leaves. 1-2 applications.

Beet: 5 l / ha
From pre-sowing to 4 leaves. 1-2 applications.

Protein crops-soybean: 5 l/ha
From pre-planting to 5 cm of plant. 1-2 applications.
Extensive Crops

0,5 L

1 L

5 L

10 L

20 L

200 L

1000 L


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