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Suitable fertilizers for organic farming

Carbo-Eco Quick Wet

pH regulator

Organic manganese and zinc fertilizer with a wetting effect to optimize the application of treatments.

Aplicación foliar Ácidos carboxílicos Ecological agriculture
By composition
Zinc: 0,5 % Zn (w/w) - Water-soluble zinc.
Manganese: 1,5 % Mn (w/w) - Water-soluble manganese.
Contains ´Easily Assimilable Organic Nutrients´
Corrects Mn and Zn deficiencies.
Enhances the effect of foliar treatments applied together, reducing passes and dose.
Due to the pH of the Mn and Zn components, evaporation and volatilization losses are reduced.
Specific carboxylic acids reduce the surface tension of the droplets, thus increasing the contact surface.
Uniform distribution of traitments.
Improves the process of absorption and translocation of nutrients and active substances.
General Dosage: 50-500 cc/ha of treatment mixture.
pH regulators and surfactants

0,5 L

1 L

5 L

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20 L

200 L

1000 L


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