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Specialities - Carbotecnia`s fertilizers with unique formulation

Turbocalcio Plus


Solid calcium for root application free of nitrates, sulphates, carbonates or chlorides.

Aplicación radicular Ácidos carboxílicos
By composition
Calcium: 40,5 % CaO (w/w) - Water soluble calcium.
Complete solubility solid fertilizer.
With Highly Penetrating ecological Nutrients H.P.N.
Complete solubility solid fertilizer recommended for fertigation.
Appropriated for all type of crops, guarantees easy, fast and effective calcium assimilation.
It provides optimal calcium nutrition without introducing unwanted anions such as sulphate, nitrates, carbonates and chlorates.
Correct acid soil structures, increasing water infiltration in sodium-saline soils.
General Dosage: 3-5 kg/ha per application

10 kg

25 kg


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Carbotecnia brand is innovation in agriculture. The intrinsic quality of our fertilizers, the guarantee and the safety in the production processes is our customers satisfaction.

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