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Agriforte Plus  std

Organic fertilizer of calcium and boron for better flowering, fruit setting and post-harvest life.

Aplicación foliar
By composition
Calcium: 8 % CaO (w/w) - Water soluble calcium.
Boron: 0,3 % B (w/w) - Water-soluble boron.
Seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum: 27 % Seaweeds (w/w) - Ascophyllum nodosum.
Calcium and boron regulator inside the plant, which ensures optimum vascular system and favors plant tissue development.
It corrects calcium and boron deficiencies favoring the flowering.
It reduces the falling and cracking of fruits and increases the fruit set.
It enhances wax formation, wound healing and inhibits fungus and insect growth.
It contains natural seaweeds extracts that revitalize the plant against any stress situation.
General Dosage: 2-4 cc/l
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