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Carbosoil std


Calcium nitrate solution.

Aplicación radicular Ácidos carboxílicos
By composition
Nitrogen: 8 % N (w/w) -Total nitrogen.
Calcium: 9 % CaO (w/w) - Water soluble calcium.
Calcium nutrition.
Desalinator - removes salts and releases chemical elements in the soil.
Root bioactivator - improves root activity and development.
Fertilization booster - increases jointly uptake of nutrients.
Soils improver - optimizes parameters such as Electrical Conductivity (EC), pH, the ratio of nutrients, soil-water-plant ratio and absorption.
General Dosage: 5 - 20 l/ha depending on the P.S.I. and the S.A.R.
To improve soil structure and decompactation: 20-30 l/ha
First shock treatment: 5-10 l/ha
During all crop cycle, every 7-15 days

Root development (Bio-activator): 5-10 l/ha
During all crop cycle, every 7 days
Maximum dose: 40-60 l/ha

Desalinator: 10-15 l/ha
During all crop cycle, every 15 days
Better fertilizers assimilation: 5-10 l/ha per application

0,5 L

1 L

5 L

10 L

20 L

200 L

1000 L


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Carbotecnia brand is innovation in agriculture. The intrinsic quality of our fertilizers, the guarantee and the safety in the production processes is our customers satisfaction.

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