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CBT Carbopotasi K std


Potassium solution with neutral pH for fruit ripening and fattening.

Aplicación foliar Ácidos carboxílicos
By composition
Nitrogen: 3 % N (w/w) -Total nitrogen.
Potassium: 20 % K2O (w/w) - Water-soluble potassium.
Solution with a high content of potassium that improves the calcium and the magnesium assimilation.
It increases sugars production and transportation, it improves the fruit filling and ripening.
It homogenizes and advances the harvest.
Its neutral pH allows a wide range of mixtures.
It is not aggressive for the plant, since it is formulated with organic acids.
It is recommended for moments of high potassium demand (fruit-fattening phase or stress).
General Dosage: 2-4 cc/l.
Stone trees: 2-3 cc/l
From pea size to ripeness. 20 and 10 days before collection.

Pome trees: 2-3 cc/l
From pea size to ripeness. 30 and 15 days before collection.

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200 L

1000 L


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