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Fruit Attraction as one of the main events in the sector.

 FRUIT ATTRACTION is consolidated as an unmissable event for the international agricultural sector. The10th anniversary exceeds by far all its parameters of participation with the assistance of 81,235 professionals from 122 countries, 19% more than the previous year; and 1,621 companies from 40 countries, 11% more. Carbotecnia considers this show as an excellent corporate way to outreach its technology to all those interested in the new methods of fertilization and agricultural management.

 During this edition Carbotecnia had the opportunity to show its new corporate image of the company, to exhibit the range of nutritional solutions based on the use of Carboxylic Acids of Low Molecular Weight; and the advisory services offered by the company.

 In addition, this event is for CARBOTECNIA the best way to return the trust and support received from partners, customers, and employees. The managers of the company appreciate and grateful to all of their support and company.

"We are waiting for you in the next edition to continue growing together!"

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