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Expansion of the range of nutritional solutions for conventional and organic agriculture.

According to Mr. Manuel Puertas, the Technical Director of Carbotecnia, "Our customers’ needs have been identified. The most important has been to develop another product to combat the effects of drought and salinity: Carbotecnia Hydromax. Also a desalinator and soil conditioner homologous to Carbosoil, but adapted for its use in organic farming. These are the most demanded products, but we have also expanded the range with CBT Carbopotasi K Soil, potassium for root application; and Carbo-Eco Wall, a product to stimulate the physical defenses of the plant. With these new products, Carbotecnia expands the range of products, thus providing the best nutritional solutions for high-quality crops."


The products for conventional agriculture are:

CBT Carbopotasi K Soil is a potassium solution with neutral pH of root-application with low molecular weight carboxylic acids. A product to optimize the accumulation of reserves in the fruit during the stages of fattening and maturation.

Carbotecnia Hydromax is a nutrients solution with low molecular weight carboxylic acids to protect the crop against stress; saline, and thermal conditions. It is capable to raise the crop yield in adverse conditions.


The products for organic agriculture are:

Novosoil Plus is a soil conditioner formulated with calcium and algae extract that improves the soil structure, making a better development of the plant. Thanks to its amount of algae, contains growth promoters, vitamins, and amino acids that improve the natural defenses and health of the plants.

Carbo-Eco Wall stimulates the synthesis of protective structures of the plant, enhances its natural defenses and avoids the damage caused by biotic and abiotic factors.

These new products, with the ones developed in 2017 based on algae: Carbotecnia Algas Ca, Carbotecnia Algas Ca-Mg and Carbo-Eco Algas make a wide range of natural products to stimulate the growth of the plant. So the evolution continues towards the offer of better products and technical support to our customers. In Carbotecnia we take care of the plants from roots to fruits.


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